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Countertop Characteristics and Care


1. natural stone has inherent imperfections such as minerals, veins, pitting, dull spots,
color variations, and directional grain
2. granite can have ‘crown’ – curvature of countertop (may result in uneven seam)
3. granite can vary in thickness by 1/8” per slab and flatness vary within 1/8” over 10’
4. naturally porous and scratch resistant
5. granite seams are 1/8” – 1/16” +/– wide

Granite Care:

1. use a ph neutral/granite cleaner (no ammonia, bleach, citrus, oil based cleaners) or
dish soap and water
2. do not place pizza stones, hot pans, or objects with sharp edges on top (may cause
scratching or damage to top)
3. Seal your countertop once a year - 15 year sealer may have been applied during manufacturing process (if purchased)
4. falling objects, standing, or sitting on the granite top or sink can cause the top to crack

Solid Surface:

1. 100% acrylic / matte finish
2. repairable for minor chips and scratches
3. offers design options (inlays, integral bowl, etc.)
4. non porous

Solid Surface Care:

1. use trivet /hot plate -  sharp+/or hot objects on surface can result in irreversible damage such as deep scratches and burns
2. dish soap and water clean up